The Cullinan Diamond Mine, situated in the town of Cullinan, 40 kilometres east of Pretoria, offers visitors an informative glimpse into the operations and history of this historic mine where the world’s biggest diamond was found in 1905.(3106 carats).The tour guides are very knowledgeable about the history and current operations of the mine, and gives visitors a informative behind-the-scenes account of the mine and its history.

  • Departures: Daily
  • Duration: ± 6 hours
  • Minimum: 2 people
  • Tip: Combine this tour with Pretoria Tour

 Tour Highlights

  • Surface tour Cullinan Diamond Mine
  • Optional underground tour
  • Jewellery shop
This mine is known for being one of the most productive diamond mines on Earth. Many of the biggest diamonds ever found were discovered in Cullinan! A visit to the mine will include a detailed above ground tour of the mine with lots of facts and technical information on the mine and the diamond industry in South Africa. This tour covers the history of the mine, mining methods and the geological processes of that are responsible for the creation of diamonds. The tour demonstrates how diamonds are extracted from the ground; visit the big hole, mine shaft and the hoist room. Guests can view the polishing and delicate cutting operations done by master diamond cutters, which shape the diamonds into the jewelry you can buy around the world. You can also view replicas of the world famous diamonds found at Cullinan. As an option, you may extend your tour by descending more than 750 metres underground to inspect the different facets in the diamond mining process. For the underground tour visitors are provided with safety clothes, eg overalls, safety shoes, socks, helmets etc. They are then taken down to the level of 763 meters. They then walk to other levels where they will see the ore being tipped, crushed and hoisted up. They also visit the administration offices and workshop underground. This is also a guided tour. Please Note: This is a physically taxing tour and only recommended for someone really physically fit. No children under 16 are allowed.
ZAR 720 per person sharing  
Tour Includes:

  • Transfer
  • Guide
  • Entrance fees to the Cullinan Diamond Mine
  • Surface tour of the Cullinan Diamond Mine
  • Optional and at additional cost – Underground Mine Tour added to your surface tour.

Tour Excludes:

  • Refreshments
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities and personal items
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